Best Building Construction Company - Brama Industries

Brama Industries has extensive experience as contractors for commercial and industrial buildings including industrial paint coatings, abrasive and non-abrasive blasting, industrial floor coatings, interior and exterior building maintenance and more.

Our specialists take the time to do an in-depth analysis to find the root cause of issues that you may be facing before providing custom solutions that really work for you. We also go the extra step and determine if there are any other problem areas and maintenance needs and deliver a full formed solution.

We select the right products, tools, and methodologies for each job to ensure that work is done perfectly and the solution long lasting. Our commercial and industrial paint coatings are suitable for different interior and exterior surfaces. Depending on the surface, the commercial industrial paint coatings we choose may be waterproof, infestation resistant, or also provide corrosion protection or passive fire protection.

Brama also performs abrasive and non-abrasive blasting including soda blasting, ice blasting, sand blasting, and metal blasting. Our techniques ensure that the surface is brought back to new and no traces of rust, unwanted coating, or contaminants remain.

Our team is trained and certified to operate elevated platforms, including booms, scissor lifts, and engineered scaffolding. Our engineers are on hand to ensure that the proper protocols and equipment are used for the job whether it’s the exterior of a building for a re-caulking or painting job, or high ceiling interiors that need repairs or upgrades.

We are also well versed with confined space entry and can handle any jobs that require expertise in building, maintenance, and repair in confined spaces. Armed with personal protective equipment, the right team, and contingency plans, we ensure that every job goes smoothly and safely.

Additionally, our team also executes solid and cavity wall insulation including fibreglass insulation, cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation. We also do insulation of steam, hot water, ammonia pipes including fibreglass insulation with aluminium jacketing. We are well versed with R level ratings and insulation recommendations for different pipes and use the appropriate insulation to ensure minimal loss of energy and the highest cost savings.

Contact our commercial and industrial paint coatings and building improvement and maintenance experts today and get an experienced team on your job site.