Brama Industries’ commercial and industrial floor coating contractors have earned a reputation for their high standards and precision work. We ensure that we get a full understanding of the new or existing flooring requirements including the foot and equipment traffic that will traverse the flooring, and then make recommendations. Our commercial industrial floor coating contractors select products that will not only withstand pressure and impact over the long-term but which also be conducive to your work space whether it’s commercial or industrial.

Before we get started on any commercial or industrial floor coatings we prep the flooring by removing paint, doing a diamond grind or shot blasting, repairing cracks, patching holes, or even sealing the floors. If required or requested, we also do floor leveling before applying any commercial or industrial floor coatings. The preparation step is essential to create a proper surface profile so that the coatings will adhere to the flooring perfectly.

Our commercial industrial floor coatings include epoxy floors, 2 part resin epoxy systems, red oxide primers, Zinc rich paints, waterbourne epoxy, urethane coatings including moisture cure, marine grade coatings, acrylic coatings, latex coatings, elastomeric, polyureas, and more. Products are carefully selected based on the features required for your retail, commercial, warehouse, production, or food and beverage space. You can choose from floor coatings that are slip resistant, absorption resistant, static resistant, low temperature fast cure systems, and thermal shock resistant coatings.

We also install decorative flooring including quartz flooring, marble, polished concrete, hardwood, VCT tile, carpet tile, and laminate flooring. We ensure that the decorative flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

To minimize loss of time and revenue for your business, we can work off-hours and complete the project with minimal downtime.

Call our expert commercial industrial floor coating contractors team and we’ll get your flooring reconditioned or modernized in no time.