Brama Industries commercial industrial painting contractors have worked with the food and beverage industry for many years. In fact, because of our experience and expertise, we have been vetted by Contractor Check, ISN and Comply Works to work with their clients for the commercial and industrial floor coatings, painting, and other requirements.

Our industrial painting contractors team also undergoes WHIMIS training which is essential to fully understand the chemicals we work with and their possible interaction with the substances, raw materials, and final products in your workspace. Additionally we also go through thorough compliance, safety, materials, and product training, to ensure that we are up to date with our knowledge, and comply with all the requirements of our industry and yours.

We know that food and beverage production spaces are particular not only about the products used in their workspaces but also about the team installing these products. We too take safety very seriously and so are insured up to $5 million in liability and carry full WSIB coverage. We’re happy to share information about our product and safety track record as part of the proposal and quoting process.

Food and beverage production spaces have different requirements including commercial industrial floor coatings, wall coatings, pipe coating and insulation, product container surface coatings, and more. All of our commercial and industrial floor coatings are CFIA approved products designed for direct and indirect food contact. You can rest assured that there any products we use will not contaminate your product. Coatings are measured accurately and meet with NACE standards when required to ensure that they are properly applied and tested.

Our commercial industrial painting contractors team is trained to handle work in confined spaces including storage tanks or areas, heating and cooling ducts, and sewers and waste lines. This means that we are qualified for confined space entry and also confined space rescue. We bring the necessary personal protective equipment with us so that we’re fully prepared for the job. In fact, we know that any work in a food and beverage production area needs to follow strict processes which is why our employees have HACCP awareness training and come equipped with hair nets, beard nets, and follow strict hand and tool cleaning protocols.

For any work to be performed on high access areas, our team sets up elevated platforms and is certified and licensed to work with booms, scissor lifts, and even engineered scaffolding.

The years of experience we have with the food and beverage industry have enabled us to identify root causes of problems quickly and provide a customised solution for any bacteria, moisture, contamination, mold, humidity, temperature change, rust, corrosion, and other problems.

Our team is also deeply experienced with British Retail Consortium (BRC) audits and inspections and can resolve findings to help you get BRC status.

We work with your time restraints to ensure that production isn’t affected which means more up time for you.

Our commercial industrial painting contractors are available for your industrial floor coatings, wall painting and coatings, surface insulation and repair, and more. Contact us today for a free quote.