Industrial Pipe Painting Service

Brama Industries are commercial and industrial painting contractors that have built expertise in painting and surface coatings for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. We carry out painting and coating work on different surfaces including interior wall decorative painting, exterior wall protective painting, silos, barns, gas line painting, safety boards, tank linings, painting, and coating, and much more.

As experienced commercial industrial painting contractors with over 18 years of competency, we ensure that every job and it’s particular requirements and nuances are understood. Our team is trained and up to date on MSDS and other safety protocols to comply with WHIMIS. We also have a NACE certified coatings inspector who assesses, inspects, and documents the exact amount of application to ensure that there is no rusting, corrosion, peeling, leaking or other adverse effect of improper application. Our team also does non-destructive testing and adhesion tests, before commencing the work to check the integrity and structure of product to be coated.

We have a range of products that we select from depending on the surface that we will be painting or coating. Attention is given to the location, surface, environmental factors, and space use before selecting and applying any product or coating. What sets us apart is that over the years we have proven that we know how to use products not commonly selected for that particular surface that will increase the durability of the surface and give you long lasting results. Before commencing any painting or coating work, we ensure that the surface is ready and perform the necessary steps such as water blasting in case surface preparation is required.

Our commercial industrial paint coatings team ensure that all coatings are measured and meet NACE standards. In fact, we ensure that we have a NACE expert on hand for any jobs that require his supervision such as gas line painting.

The range of products that our commercial industrial contractors use include epoxy coatings including 100% sold epoxies, 2 part resin epoxy systems, red oxide primers, Zinc rich paints, waterbourne epoxy, urethane coatings including moisture cure, marine grade coatings, acrylic coatings, latex coatings, elastomeric, polyureas, a wide range of acrylics and paint, and protective coatings for corrosion control, infestations, waterproofing and Elastometric products.

Whether it’s a commercial building, retail space, or a production or industrial space, our commercial industrial painting contractors are certified to use elevated platforms to access even the tallest ceilings, wall spaces, and containers. Work on graded areas is also easily undertaken by our engineers.

As projects can sometimes be time sensitive, our team is available to work on nights and weekends to ensure that you have no time lost during your normal operating hours.

Our commercial industrial contractors team undertakes all types of proposals including food and beverage workspace projects. Call us today for a quote on your requirements.